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Now that graduation is close, I have been thinking about what will happen with my thesis and the other papers I have written while at SAIC. Is any of it worth adapting for publication in a journal? I think we have all done some really interesting work and should probably be thinking about how to share it with others. Is anyone else thinking about these things?

I thought this discussion (or perhaps even a ning group?) might be a good place for students, alumni, and faculty to share resources and ideas about how to write for publication.

Questions that have been going through my mind are: How do I know when to publish vs. present at a conference? How do I know if an idea is good enough for publication? Are there books or websites that offer guidelines?

And, now back to actually finishing my thesis...

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Yep, I'd love to participate in this conversation. I have no answers, but imagine we could try to figure it out.
Yes! Everyone should present! At NAEA this year I was surprised by the range of topics and quality. Everyone in our program could put together a really great 50 minute presentation, no problem.

I even went to one presentation that was "ideas in progress." Although the presentation was polished, the ideas were still in a very theoretical state - more questions than answers. It was fun. It made me think that first year students putting together proposals now should also submit them for presentation at next year's conference.

Regarding writing - John gave me a worksheet about writing for art education journals. I'll try to track it down and share it here.
Oooo.... Given the stack of papers I have piled around me, I seem to be quite organized :-) Hope this helps!

Writing for NAEA

Writing Conference Proposals for NAEA
Quite helpful, Diana!
Lauren, I could set up an NAEA Student Group Meeting on this...


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