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Transformative Education

DeShaunte Walker

Transformative Education Chapters 5, 7 & 8

Ethical & Pedagogical Studies

Lavie Raven

“I say, I say unto thee… Every Revolution begins with a Movement, every Movement begins with a Vision and every Vision begins with a Visionary who dreams… My dream is to shine a light deep into the depths of Man, exposing a universal oneness that exists within Us All, that inalienable force that causes everything to be. You see, in order to grow, we must destroy…


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Equity and Social Justice Art Education

As I sit at my desk inside my classroom on this cold, gloomy Saturday, I cannot stop reflecting and rethinking everything I have learned about my teaching practices and education. In fact, the two articles I was assigned to read and carefully discuss for this week only served to reinforce the need for more self-reflection on my part. The first article I read was Rethinking Our Classrooms by Bigelow, Harvey, Karp & Miller. The authors begin by stating that,"schools and…


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Reading Response Week 4

Going Native

     I agree, “going native” is a great method to help processing research and collecting data. However, like this article mentioned, research results could heavily based on the researcher’s point of view. Based on their identities and backgrounds could always affect the research results. It is very important to understand the researcher’s social context (class, gender, ethic, etc.), political position, and personality in order to avoid the false and misleading of the…


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Introductory Assignment for Eth Ped Issues


I did my undergrad at SAIC where I received a BFAAE. I teach at Lyon Elementary school, in CPS.  I have been teaching for 9 years and I’ve been at my school for 8 years. I completed my National Board Certification in 2012. I have been awarded several Oppenheimer Teacher Incentive Grants for the school sculpture garden I’ve been working on for several years. In addition to the Oppenheimer grants, I have partnered with the Intuit Teacher Fellowship program…


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    This article tells us what issues teachers might face in raising a social justice discussion. Author used a very convincing way to give readers solutions to problems happening in social justice discussion through talking about different teacher’s experience in teaching social justice class. Also, author has addressed the value of having social justice discussion in class. Through reading this article I understood that having such discussion, student could learn about how to use different…


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Reflections for Eth/Ped

According to this course assignment, I will list three teacher of mine who have greatly impacted my desire as a learner and my passion to become a teacher. 

First one is my piano teacher Mr. Zhang. He taught me piano for seven years, starting from when I was seven years old. I really appreciate how patient he was when he was having class with me. I was not an easy girl to deal with. I didn't like to spend time to figure out the sheet music and I didn't like to practice. He told me a…


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Reading Response Week 3

Manhattan's tunnel dwellers-After looking at these photos in this article, I found Tunnel people live different than I imagined. Even though, I started reading the book Tunnel people and I do agree it is a wonderful book, but I think these photos show me more. Perhaps it is because that good visual image could give me more impressions than texts, based on my visual art background. Therefore, I did some little research and found some more interesting photos of tunnel people.…


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Reflection for Eth/Ped

I have had several people who have influenced my desire to teach throughout my life. However, for the purpose of this assignment, I will pick three.

The first individual that comes to mind would have to be my first boss Pamela Waltz. She was the director of Casa Central After School program where I had my first teaching experience as a teen. I was placed in this particular setting by chance as a participant in the Mayor's Summer Job program many years ago. As a Group Leader Assistant,…


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Reading Response II

The Vulnerable Observer

This article explores that cause and effect of the Vulnerable Observer and his role documenting an event. Traditionally observers have been involved only as observers careful not to get too emotionally or politically involved in the effecting outcome. As anthropologist that have been true to their field by only documenting things as they occur without consequence, and thus alter the natural outcome. This trend is unsettling to me and I…


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Reflection for Eth/Ped

Three scholars or influences that have greatly impacted my desires as a learner or my passion as a teacher:

1. My dad is someone who really influenced me to become a teacher. For a few years while I was a teenager, my dad was a computer science professor. Growing up, I watched my dad prep for his lectures, and teach his passion to future computer scientists. Watching him, I realized that one path as a career is to teach others who are interested in what you are passionate…


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Reading Response Week 2

The Vulnerable Observer-From reading this article, I have few thoughts about observers. For an observer, when he confront with tragedy, should he stop it, or at least help? Is it possible for him to not to consider documenting as his first choice? Can he only let his observation become the documents of this incident; under this circumstance of stopping this terror is beyond his ability? In addition, I agree with author that, exposing observer’s vulnerability, could help readers to understand…


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if you are and art teacher in CPS

Ok, hello my amazing fellow educators

I got inspired on my way to work this morning and thought about how I need to see other art teachers more.

So if you are interested in sharing out your ideas and gaining moral support in this urban teaching setting send me your contact information. My email address is

I am planning on hosting a bi-monthly art teacher shin-dig at my home where we can enjoy snacks, drinks, and shared…


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Week 9: Bringing LGBT in the Classroom

So looking forward to our viewing of “It’s Elementary – Talking About Gay Issues in School.” I was not familiar with New Day Films but spent my lunch hour combing though the over 150 titles available by this democratically run distribution company with 100 filmmaker members (New Day Website). Was excited to read this on their website as well, “New Day was initially formed because the women’s movement had arrived and a group of independent filmmakers couldn’t find distribution for their…


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Forwarded Message from the National Museum of Mexican Art

Hello, I was wondering if you could pass this opportunity along to any music teachers who are looking for work. 
The National Museum of Mexican Art’s education department is looking for an experienced music teachers for after school and residency programs. Instructor/s must have prior teaching experience and be to teach multiple instruments in a group setting (guitar, bass, keyboard &…

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Week 6: Social Justice Art Education

Wow this got long fast. Apologies friends, I've colored the questions below so you can skip this verbal explosion.

Ayers, Slow Active and Surprising

Clifton's poetry in the summer school class- taboo topics grab attention and bring life and the world into the room

Universal public education insists that we all have capacities and value; the very fact of it mitigates, albeit…


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The creation of social justice art education seems to be work about current issues in the united state. SOcial Justice art to me seems like contemporary art. It is art that reflects back on the gaps in the current society. 

I am thinking of my own art practice.  How often do I engage with problems in society? What is my critique? I know often I am fearful to put my political opinion in such a blatant way for everyone to see. But I have created work to push a cause I believe in and…


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This article was an interesting link to what read in Understanding Curriculum by Pinar et al.  When reading in Understanding Curriculum I had an ongoing question of if a politically charged classroom was good or bad thing? And even, can a classroom be politically neutral?

North starts to attempts to answer these questions. North states the classroom has the potential to educate in order create political change. It is a breeding ground for activism. North states"...student empowerment…


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One part of the reading that I liked is how teachers need to encourage students to be critical of their world.  But teachers also need to prompt students to act.  Otherwise all they cultivate is cynicism.  I feel like talking is really easy but to put our words into action is far more complicated.

I think we have only been talking about is being critical.  I think we need to talk more about how do we get our students out making change.  Then there is a question how can students affect…


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Week 6: Social Justice

Rethinking Our Classrooms: Teaching For Equity and Justice

I affirmed two things from this straightforward reading: our teaching must be visionary and practical. Visionary because we need to be inspired by each other's vision of schooling. Practical because we need an education that functions beyond theory. There was a list for curriculum and classroom practice and one of them really resonated with me for different reasons—grounded in the lives of our students. I…


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