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Going Native

     I agree, “going native” is a great method to help processing research and collecting data. However, like this article mentioned, research results could heavily based on the researcher’s point of view. Based on their identities and backgrounds could always affect the research results. It is very important to understand the researcher’s social context (class, gender, ethic, etc.), political position, and personality in order to avoid the false and misleading of the research/research.

When we are capable of stopping.

     I enjoyed reading this article. These narratives about the author’s life experiences are very interesting and detailed. Author used her personal experience of growing up being white as an advantage to analyze racism. The problem about “othering” people by the race, and the problem of perceiving “others” their “skin tones” rather than actual ethnicities are well explained in the reading. This reading showed me a totally different perspective of racism, and how I should understand it. Grown up as an Asian in an Asian country, I had no idea about racism and racists. I started to see the problem of racism after I came to the states. Therefore, I really like this reading, which I believe had helped increasing my understanding of racism.

The art and politics of interpretation

This reading talks about how to write an interpretation of the research. I agree this point that the author made which writing is just as important as fieldwork in a research process. Also, just like the author mentioned, field workers can’t make sense or understand what they have been learned until they sit down and writ the interpretive texts. This phrase reminded me of writing an artist statement about myself. Only when I write about myself, my artist experience, I can start to understand what I did in the past, and what I have learned through my creative process. Furthermore, the author talked about many different methods that will help with analyzing the interpretation texts, which I believe these could be very useful for me when working on my own research.

The continuum of positionality

This article show the reader how researchers and participants positioned themselves in a research process. Moreover, self-study, study the outcomes of a program, self-reflection are examples that listed in the article as effective methods of study which will further help with locating self’s positionality In addition, there are often multiple personalities in one researcher and the participant. Like the article said, it is very important to understand the positionality in order to interpret a trustful research.


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